Miracles Manifested - Printed for DELIVERY- SOUTH AFRICA ONLY!!!

Melissa Mayo

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Miracles Manifested - Printed for DELIVERY- SOUTH AFRICA ONLY!!!

Miracles Manifested: Turning Dreams Into Reality! How Susina Cucina - My Italian Cooking School - Came To Life by Melissa Mayo


Stop doubting yourself. Your greatest gift is your imagination. Learn to use it to create a life beyond your wildest fantasies.

The miracles you most crave already exist in the Universe. You are fully capable of attracting them.
This book is for anyone who has ever thought:
•I’m travelling all alone
•Miracles are impossible
•I’m not good enough
•My dreams don’t matter
•I’m powerless to change my life
•I am never going to realize my goals

Miracles Manifested is a spiritual roadmap to buried treasure. In this groundbreaking book, Melissa shares how she manifested her dreams—including her home and cooking school in Italy—so you can realize yours too!

During the six days of creation, God painted the sun, moon, stars, and cosmos. He molded every living thing. And He created you. You are a one-of-a-kind miracle! He picked you for an important mission. With your unique voice and talents, you can use your inner spark to manifest. The light you need is not outside of you—it is inside you; in fact, it is you!

Learn to align with the energy of creation and rewrite your story. This book is full of practical steps and tools. It’ll inspire you and make you laugh. It’ll motivate you to take meaningful action and call you out on all the lies and excuses holding you back from greatness. The blueprint Melissa shares in Miracles Manifested works! So let’s begin creating BIG magic right now!

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